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Butch slammed Kirkorian face first into the cellar's stone wall. Shoving her bound arms out of the way, he wedged his cock up her ass while grinding her face and tits into the rock. He hit her in the kidney, dropping her to her knees. Then he slammed her on the side of the head with an open palm, sending her crashing back down to the floor. Grabbing both sides of her head, he lay atop her, ramming his cock back into her. Not quite unable to lose consciousness, Kirkorian started to wrenchingly sob. "That's it, baby," he seethed. "Now that's music to my ears...." Aggie lay under Chloe, holding the brunette's taped mouth tightly shut as the inmate lay atop her, raping her a second time. "You see?" he hissed in her face. "This is what happens when you mess with me. You didn't even have a corpse, for pity's sake! And you know what? That's what gonna save me from the chair, cunt. They'd never fry a guy with no corpus delictible as proof. But you know what else? It's gonna be too late for you by then." He twisted her tits as if angrily changing channels. "Hell, it's too late for you now!" He slammed into her for the thousandth time as Aggie gripped her tighter, giggling. Butch came in Detective Kirkorian, pushing up off her tits and spitting down into her bruised and swollen face. Then it was electric dildo and tit fuck time, but only after he squeezed her nostrils shut...waiting for her to flop around like a fish out of water, turning colors, before he'd let her breathe again. Finally, with her nearly oblivious, he sat on her stomach and slammed her breasts along his erect meat. The cum, when it finally came, coated her neck, chin, and cheeks. Then he strapped in the twelve-inch electric dildo. As it did its work, making her quiver and jerk, he clamped her nipples with alligator clips and lay beside her, holding her to him in the dirt by her mouth and playing with her nostrils again.

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